This is a poke-ask blog for 8 adorable preeveelution fakemon, Aquaree, Voltee, Embee, Psychee, Imbree, Saplee, Flurree, and Faeree. Collectively they're known as Minees

Aquaree: none
Voltee: none
Embee: none
Psychee: none
Imbree: none
Saplee: none
Flurree: none
Faeree: none

Asks are: Open for pokeaskreunion interactions!
M!As are: Closed

((Unrelated to my blog oops I’ll move this over to my personal or something????? probablynotbut I… this is a character I have based on my pokemon Yellow pikachu. I called him Derka and he’s based on the old fat pikachu sprites and art before gamefreak slimmed him down))

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